Exhibited in La Irrupción @ Arts Santa Mónica in Barcelona

Tools for a Warming Planet is on exhibition now at Arts Santa Mònica as part of ​”La irrupción” exhibition, curated by Marta Gracia, Jara Rocha, and Enric Puig Punyet, and includes more than twenty artworks. These pieces, inserted within the local context, open a dialogue about the complex circumstances that we are living on the planet after the disruption of the pandemic. Arts Santa Mónica is an interdisciplinary arts centre located at Las Ramblas of Barcelona, dedicated to promoting contemporary creation. 

“Which tactics can still be tested, enacted and disseminated in order to slow down the growth paths and rhythms of environmental alteration? How to provide ourselves with transformative tools and understanding to survive eco-fascist disinvestment? Which actions could benefit from a collective invention and crafting of tools for engaging in a resistant co-residence in these spacetimes that we just cannot afford to let go of? How does the engagement with local memories across materials, utensils, more-than-human modes of existence and food inform us about the potential of agro-ecological rearrangements of day-to-day practices?” 

Curators Marta Gracia, Jara Rocha and Enric Puig Punyet

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